Updated: 11/11/2020

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  • In this theory there are 4 sequential phases that helps patients and nurses
  • I'm Mr. Hood, the recipient of care.
  • Hi, I'm Nurse AJ and I will be the helper of patient.
  • No worries, Ma'am! Everything is alright and I will handle it from here.
  • Good afternoon, Nurse! This is my father and I'm leaving him to you because I'm in hurry. I'm sorry.
  • It is the process where the nurses and patients have common goals and they are working together to become mature and knowledge in caring process.
  • I'm not feeling well because of my arthritis.
  • Alright, thank you.
  • Welcome, Sir!
  • Hello, Mr. Hood! How are you feeling?
  • Patients and Nurses are in the same phase where they need to help each other to maintain and achieve their common goal.
  • It's nice to walk like this again. Thank you, Nurse AJ for helping me.
  • ORIENTATION PHASEThis is where the nurse identify the patient's background and needs.
  • Just doing my job, Mr. Hood. As long you don't forget your medications and exercise regularly.
  • Thank you for assisting me, Nurse AJ. I'll be better in no time!
  • IDENTIFICATION PHASEAfter knowing the problem of Mr. Hood, Nurse AJ recommend and observe the patient for Mr. Hood recovery phase of her arthritis.
  • That's not good, Sir. I'll update your daughter that you'll be under-monitory.
  • EXPLOITATION PHASE After a week of resting and taking medication of Mr. Hood, his problem with his arthritis is improving with the help of Nurse AJ and by taking walk everyday outside.
  • It's my pleasure, Sir! But, when you go home, please continue walking to improve your bones and body to become healthy,
  • RESOLUTION PHASEIt is the phase where Nurse AJ needs to evaluate Mr. Hood recovery program.
  • My dad is very energetic and I can see the improvement. Thank you, Nurse AJ!
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