The Dark Princess
Updated: 3/18/2020
The Dark Princess

Storyboard Description

It is a time of war and peril. For years now, Britain have been struggling to survive. For years there has been a prophecy about the girl who will save them all. The girl who will save Britain from itself, make it geat once again. And now a girl has been found that suits the description. Her name? Athena. The Dark Princess. Named after the god, Athena is strong-willed, brave and intelligent, with a passion for animals. But is she the one? Will she save us all? Athena has been taken to the palace that once belonged to the great Kings and Queens of Britain. She has been told to change into any dress of her choice from the huge wardrobe in her new bedroom. She chose a black and grey dress, a dark dress for The Dark Princess. She doesn't know that this prophecy exists, of course. That would ruin everything. She walks down the stairs to rounds of appluase, bowing, praying, kneeling, shouting, singing and cheering. Everyone who is anyone is there, crowded into the Grand Hall. Athena doesn't expect this. She doesn't know what to say. And so, our story begins...

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