CEliac disease
Updated: 2/14/2020
CEliac disease

Storyboard Text

  • Rajondra is crying after eating a sandwich her mother made her, she complains to her parents, Mary and Jorge that she feels bloated and her stomach hurts. She often has diarrhea after eating foods with gluten.
  • Rajondra's parents take her to go see the gastroenterologist, and she tells him what has been going on. Because she complains of stomach and digestive issues when eating certain foods, he diagnoses her with Celiac Disease
  • The doctor explains to Mary and Jorge that Rajondra has Celiac Disease, and has to eat a special diet, one where she can not have gluten and she has to take dietary supplements and vitamins daily.
  • Rohandras mom sits Rojhandra down and explains to her that she is limited towards some foods. Rojandra gets a little emotional due to the fact she really enjoyed sweets that contained gluten.
  • Rohandra is now sad due to the fact she can't eat sweets at this birthday party. She tells her friends what happened but they aren't affected.
  • Time goes by and realizes how healthy and good she feels. Rojandra is no longer suffering or feeling ill and she now appreciates other foods other than ones with gluten.