Updated: 1/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Did you know that Apple pie wouldn't be a national dish if English explorers hadn't introduced apples.
  • No I didn't, wow.
  • Your full of facts today.
  • Did you know if it weren't for immigration we wouldn't have most of our stir fry dishes.
  • No I didn't, I just thought it was because of taste and stuff.
  • Did you know most of the time you like a food because you associate it with good things.
  • No I didn't. Why don't you go tell your dad some food facts he loves them you know.
  • Hey mom, did you know that scientists are working hard to improve the safety and quality of fruits and veggies.
  • Did you know that consumer demand drives trends for new products in the marketplace. In turn, what products are available influences your consumer choices.
  • Well, did you know, when it comes to food products, consumers demand three main qualities. They want foods that are healthful, convenient, and great tasting.