Empires of Asia
Updated: 2/23/2021
Empires of Asia

Storyboard Text

  • Reunification Under the Sui Dynasty(581AD - 618AD)
  • The Grand Canal
  • I think it's time to unify China
  • New LawsWendi issued a new law that combined the northern & southern traditions on China
  • After 400 year of civil war, a general named Wendi established the Sui Dynasty in 581AD
  • The Grand Canal (cont.)
  • Wendi's Rule
  • Wendi made it so new government officials were selected by written examination and made sure that they better reflected China's diverse ethnic groups.
  • Hey, thanks for the land, man!
  • I will strengthen the central government, limit the power of the nobles and the bureaucracy
  • Yangdi
  • I like extravagant palaces!
  • I think I'll some of my father's useful public projects
  • Forced labor sucks
  • Yangdi restored and expanded the Great Wall of China!The Great Wall of China served to protect China from attack it vulnerable northern border.
  • When Wendi died in 604Ad, his son Yangdi became his successor (person who took his place).
  • Hello. I'm the Grand Canal. I'm 1200 miles long and have a road alongside myself.
  • Yangdi makes us pay high taxes for all of his projects! I have Yangdi. He's got to go!
  • I helped unite China's economy
  • The Grand Canal made it possible for goods to flow from southern China to northern China where China's army and government were located. BUT...millions of peasants were forced to work on it and many of them did
  • Yangdi built the Grand Canal in order to connect the southern Chan Jiang region with the northern Huang he region.