Gregor Mendel
Updated: 5/8/2020
Gregor Mendel

Storyboard Text

  • I think there is a different principle that determines traits.
  • Is the blending theory of inheritance accurate?
  • These plants were true-bred but still produced different seeds!
  • These seeds are from hybrid plants but they are the same.
  • I will keep experimenting to come to a conclusion
  • So the second generation has more diversity...
  • Conclusions: 1. Biological inheritance is determined by some factor that is passed through generations2. Some factors (alleles) are dominant over others.*make sure to study one trait at a time even when both are variables!*
  • What we know today:Alleles are genes that code for a specific trait.Some alleles are dominant, others are recessive.Phenotype: visible characteristicGenotype: allele characteristicAlleles trade randomly during meiosis for genetic varietyDominant traits always mask the recessive
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