the other wes moore pt 2
Updated: 2/19/2021
the other wes moore pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • Wes was now in a full sprint, clearing the five steps of his front porch in one leap and then running around to the alley, figuring that’s where the boys were. His pace slowed as he turned the corner. Right in front of him was the boy who’d split his lip. The anger he’d felt minutes before rushed back.
  • Nothing else was on Wes’s mind or in his sights, not even the policeman who had just stepped out of his cruiser.
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  • The policeman left his car just in time to see the other kids clearing out of the alley and sprinting away. Wes was still preparing to take this fight to the next level. He took a few quick steps toward the boy who’d punched him, holding the knife to his side
  • The police officer yelled at Wes. “Put down the knife.” Wes didn’t hear him.
  • After repeating the order one more time, and watching Wes ignore him again, one ofthe oɽcers stepped forward. He lifted all eighty pounds of Wes oʃ the ground,slamming him faceɹrst on the trunk of the police cruiser. Wes’s chest collapsed againstthe trunk of the car, sending pain throughout his entire body.
  • he shouted out, “If y’all don’t let him go, I’m gonna have to kill somebody!”Moments later, Woody was in handcuffs too.