E Block history bill becomes a law

Updated: 2/11/2021
E Block history bill becomes a law

Storyboard Text

  • After the bill is introduced it is then moved on to the committee
  • The bill is introduced
  • We have a great idea for a law that we think will make the community abetter place
  • Next the Bill is reported to the floor
  • After this they then debate vote on the bill
  • i present this bill to you because i believe it is worthy of becoming a law
  • Debate!
  • Just like the committee the bill is debated and voted on
  • After this the bill goes to senate
  • Vote!
  • The senate must have a majority of the votes to pass the bill on to the judicial branch. this can mean they need to have at least one more then half of the senates vote
  • The bill then moves on to the judicial branch or the president where he can either pass the bill as a law or he can let it sit on his desk for 10 days and veto it