my emotions story

Updated: 6/23/2020
my emotions story

Storyboard Text

  • hey charlotte!
  • why did he talk to charlotte not me he knows that i don't have much friends and that charlotte is the popular one!
  • these two are friends are playing in the play ground niey until someone comes to talk to one of them......
  • come and find your seats class.
  • as you can see the one in the pink dress over there is cross because of her emotions overtaking her.
  • now that i heard that it messes with your mental health lets stay healthy and not bottle up our feeling!
  • don't bottle up your feelings its bad for you! it does not make anything better in life, can we be friends?
  • she is entering class still angry and still ignoring her friend.
  • the friends are still ignoring each other until the end of class something happens.....
  • then after that the friends lived happily ever after!