Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hi!! so you must be the girl who came for the job.
  • Finally my clinic is finished.
  • but no one has come for a job except a girl for a nurse job
  • hi doctor
  • today is my first day so I should be calm.
  • yes
  • so you were you nurse dress good
  • sure!!
  • can I look around doctor??
  • thank you doc
  • when did this monkey come here??
  • did you get this here?
  • Nurse!!!
  • yes docter??
  • then how did this monkey come here??
  • no doctor
  • omg what are you saying??!!
  • aaaaahhhaaa!!
  • doctor it is awake!!
  • doctor it is a gorilla and if it gets angry everything here will be destroyed!!
  • omg my clinic is wahhhhhhh!!
  • mwahhahahaha!!
  • doctor leave the hospital call animal control and catch that gorilla!!
  • THANK YOU!!!