Tegan and Alyssa´s Project
Updated: 2/10/2020
Tegan and Alyssa´s Project

Storyboard Text

  • The Cotton Gin and Industrializing America
  • The Treaties That Happened
  • The Conquered Subjects
  • The cotton gin was created to increase the productivity of cotton production. It made cleaning the cotton much faster and made clothes cheaper because they were more accessible. This was a huge step forward in the industrialization of America. 
  • The Potawatomi Nation
  • Government officials constructed many treaties to try to remove the Native Americans from the land the U.S. desired. They would wait til the leaders were gone and find a semi-important member of their nation and try to persuade them.
  • Andrew Jackson
  • The Native Americans were taken over by the U.S. government, and forced to leave their homes. They were drugged, drunk, and assaulted just for some land. 
  • The Constitution
  • The Potawatomi were a group in the Twin Lakes that were forced to leave their groups. They were forced to travel to Colorado. They no longer have access to the same resources they used to have, so it was harder for them to live.
  • Andrew Jackson's strong personality made people hate him. A lot of the common folk related to him and his point of views. He didn’t want the Native Americans on the fertile land, he wanted them to move west out of the way of the U.S.
  • The constitution gave the president power to negotiate removal treaties with Native American groups living east of the Mississippi.