Ulysses in the Underworld 2
Updated: 4/9/2021
Ulysses in the Underworld 2

Storyboard Text

  • Mother, how is my home and my wife and son?
  • I pray, let me make my sacrifices, and when I return home you will have only the best offerings!
  • Your wife is sad and mourns you every day! Your house is full of suitors, but Penelope won't hear of remarriage. Your father has no where comfortable to be and I died because of sadness of your departure. Go home to your wife and son as soon as you can!
  • Mother? Come and have a drink, I left you alive in Ithaca!
  • Oh, my son, Ulysses!
  • Tieresias! Will I make it home to Ithaca and my family.?
  • Poseidon won't make it easy for you, but you may be able to get home safely if, when you pass the Thrinacian island, you do not harm the cattle. If you do harm them, your ship and all your men will be destroyed!