The Magna Carta
Updated: 3/14/2020
The Magna Carta

Storyboard Text

  • King John is sitting on his throne, he just heard that his troops lost to the French.
  • Tell the nobles to pay me more and send me more troops!
  • Your highness, what should we do?
  • King John is a bad king! I want more rights! Who's with me!
  • I am!
  • I am!
  • Sign the Magna Carta NOW!
  • King John has just made a big mistake. The nobles are getting tired of sending him money and troops for a war he will never win. He also has been abusing the power he holds as king.
  • I'm a knight. I was under the king and the nobles.
  • I'm a noble. I was under the king.
  • I'm the king, I was at the top.
  • The nobles are done. King John has been a horrible king to them, it's time they got more power. So they write the Magna Carta.
  • So what is the topic of today's Parliament meeting?
  • The nobles rebel and force King John to sign the Magna Carta, a document granting the nobles more rights and power.
  • We have rights!!!!
  • Maybe someday I could have rights...
  • The Magna Carta had a lot of effects. It led to the end of feudalism, which had the hierarchy shown above. In exchange for land or loyalty people gave service.
  • I'm a peasant. I was at the bottom, under the king, nobles, and knights.
  • The Magna Carta created the first legislative body in Europe, the Parliament.
  • The Magna Carta gave nobles rights and eventually led to peasants getting rights. It changed medieval life in many ways.