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English Storyboard
Updated: 11/18/2020
English Storyboard
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  • NASA has discovered that we can colonize Mars in a couple of decades. The article, “Future of Space Exploration”, page 1, paragraph 2, the author writes, “Funded by NASA’s Ames Research Center and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the 100-Year Starship project aims to develop the tools and technology necessary to build and fly a spaceship to another planetary system within the next 100 years.”
  • NASA has been working on colonizing Mars, as well as other planets. In the article, “How Will We Colonize Other Planets”, page 3, paragraph 5, the text states, “NASA has been experimenting with growing vegetables on the International Space Station, and also has developed simulated Martian soil, which contains nutrients that plants would need to survive, to better understand how it could be used to grow crops.”
  • NASA has done tests that proves people can be bored in space and do reckless things. In the article, “Danger! This Mission to Mars could Bore you to Death!”, page 4, paragraph 12, the author writes, “And so some researchers there have learned to actively fend off boredom by creating what you might call a unique office culture. They celebrate a ridiculous number of holidays, both traditional and invented.”
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