the dangerous game
Updated: 8/24/2018
the dangerous game
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • you must survive three days to win the game.better run boy.
  • Rising Action
  • Rainford was on a ship and he fell of due to the ship trade that zarof placed there.due to the ship crashing he swam to zarof island and thats were they met.the setting of the story is on zarofs island called ship trap.
  • Climax
  • The conflict of the story is when zarof takes rainsford to his mansion on the island and start to talk to him and reveled that he dosent hunt anials that he hunts humans.
  • Falling Action
  • your the first erson that has beat me.only one of us can come out alive.who will sleep in this precious bed.
  • The rising action is when zarof releases rainford into the forest and the dangerous game begins.Rainsford begins placing trapes such as the man-trap,the tiger pit trap,and the spring trap and ivan got kiiled by one of the trap.thats when zarof let his dogs out.
  • Resolution
  • this is the best sleep i have ever had.
  • the climax is when the dog chase rainford to a cliff and rainford jumps off and survives.
  • you will not get me alive.
  • the falling action is when rainsford wakes up in zarofs bedroom
  • The resolution is when rainsford survives the most dangerous game and rainsford kills zarof and goes to sleep.
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