One day of Layla's life during pandemic
Updated: 3/29/2021
One day of Layla's life during pandemic

Storyboard Description

Layla lives in the Netherlands during the pandemic. She works for a Dutch bank and her home is the full-time office. Her social interactions are limited due to measurements. She has no pets neither children. She lives with her partner.

Storyboard Text

  • Another day! Still lockdown!
  • I know! We have to bare.
  • G
  • No good news! Oh! I have lots of work and feel no energy. Haven't seen my colleagues for a long time. Working is no fun anymore
  • AHH! I feel bored and disappointed, Really miss hanging out with our friends, and playing games together.
  • How was your day?
  • Brilliant idea! I saw FriendZ ads on FB today, lets check it!
  • Layla and her partner Faraz are in their home for weeks, She feels all days are the same in these days and not exciting anymore!
  • Maybe we can find an app to hangout virtually with pals
  • Layla has been working from home since pandemic started, she is feeling extremely unmotivated lately. She misses the lunch-time chatting with her colleagues
  • What are you up for?* Game night* VR Meeting* Pass the story* Walk & Talk* Virtual dance partyInvite your FriendZ
  • FriendZ
  • It is 18:30. Layla and Faraz finish their work and start to watch TV. she feels like she is losing touch with her friends coz of pandemic. "Meeting people is not as spontanic as it was"she said.
  • Faraz shares a brilliant idea that boost Layla's mood.
  • FriendZ is a solution for socialising during pandemic, that offers lots of fun group activities based on your selected interests.
  • Now with the help of FriendZ app Layla & Faraz can virtually be in contact with their old and new friends and easily plan so many group activities, games, happy hours and feel connected!
  • FriendZ