Updated: 3/12/2020

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  • Duncan gifts Lady Macbeth a diamond for taking care of him and offering kind hospitality.
  • This is a present to your wife from King Duncan for the amazing hospitality he has received.
  • Macbeth hallucinates a dagger before him with the handle towards his hand.
  • Is this a dagger I see before me
  • A bell rings to tell Macbeth that the time to kill King Duncan is now or never- he has made up his mind...
  • I go, and it is done. The bell invites me.Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knellThat summons thee to heaven or to hell.
  • Lady Macbeth drugs the drinks that were served at the party so that the guards and servants were unconscious at the time of the murder.
  • The alcohol that got the servants drunk has made me bold. The same liquor that quenched their thirst has fired me up. Listen! Quiet! That was the owl that shrieked, with a scary “good night” like the bells they ring before they execute people. Macbeth must be killing the king right now. The doors to Duncan’s chamber are open, and the drunk servants make a mockery of their jobs by snoring instead of protecting the king. I put so many drugs in their drinks that you can’t tell if they’re alive or dead.
  • Who's there?What is it?
  • Macbeth has killed Duncan and comes out of the King's bedroom with a dagger dripping with blood.
  • My Husband!
  • I have done the deed. Did you hear a noise?
  • Macbeth is ashamed of committing regicide and doesn't want to think about what he has done
  • Coward! Give me the daggers. Dead and sleeping people can’t hurt you any more than pictures can. Only children are afraid of scary pictures. If Duncan bleeds I’ll paint the servants' faces with his blood. We must make it seem like they’re guilty.
  • I can’t go back. I’m afraid even to think about what I’ve done. I can’t stand to look at it again.