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comic book strip
Updated: 4/4/2020
comic book strip
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Storyboard Description

this is a comic book strip over plants

Storyboard Text

  • For plants to grow they need light and water and soil they get energy from all of that which how they recieve energy ia by photosynthesis
  • the plants have eukaryotic cells because that's how they are made to make these plants
  • but, if you switch to a different type of climate and region things can change up with plants and everything
  • so lets say if you went to africa or iraq or iran or even arizona
  • The things you would get in those places is, not that much stuff,like their wont be as good as a life out here then places with good weather and a place that gets lots of water
  • you would mainly get like cactuses and really dry plants with not many animals or plants to bring lots of life because its so hot
  • but then if you come over to the swampy areas everything looks so dirty because their is a lot of water and it over gives all plants water and the soil starts to bring the soil into the water which over giving plants water coudl possibly kill the plants
  • but in places like antartica you wont find any plants because their is no soil and all plants would die in the temperatures this place hollds
  • best place to see lots of life is the woods because theirs usually rivers nearby their light and their is good cared soil for the plants
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