History assignment.
Updated: 3/28/2021
History assignment.

Storyboard Text

  • Were the King and Queen, we rule over the kingdom!
  • Religion was very important in the medieval times.
  • Boring.
  • We Have tons of land granted by the king himself!
  • The Kings and the Queens would rule over the entire kingdom as they saw fit. They where at the way top of the social class.
  • The Church Officials would organize all the religions gatherings and where highly respected.
  • We get good lives for our service to the kingdom and our plots of land.
  • The serfs and peasants would live in small towns and manors. They did not have as many rights or money.
  • There's too much war and famine.
  • The Noblemen would own the manors, gifted to their family by the king they where commonly wealthy and had a lot of control over the land that they lived on.
  • The knights would get plots of land and would protect the manor they where envied by all.
  • War and famine was a problem in the medieval times. There was disease and most people didn't make it no matter you social status.