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13 o'clock news: water cycle
Updated: 11/2/2020
13 o'clock news: water cycle
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  • welcome to the 13 o'clock news! I'm Jeff Jefferson live at the scene of the water cycle!
  • as you can see, we have this HUGE body of water near the town of Franksville! which can evaporate into clouds!
  • the sun has allowed this water to evaporate by transforming water into tiny droplets. rain builds up in the clouds. this process is called cloud condensation.
  • look! Even more of what will torture us for the next 3 hours is building up!
  • look at that! it's starting to drizzle! this is called precipitation! precipitation can come as snow, rain, sleet, and hail! now the water can perform transpiration, where rain water gets sucked into plants !
  • remember that this cycle repeats, everyone! Now, I'm off to home before I get caught in the rain and catch pneumonia! catch me at 15 o' clock for your next daily dose of me!
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