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Updated: 10/16/2020
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  • Democracy and Federal
  • Vote for me this election and I will keep our democracy safe. Our federal government is great and i will protect it for you the people.
  • President
  • Oligarchy
  • Military General
  • Prime Minister
  • Autocracy
  • North Korea is an example of a Dictatorship where Kim Jong Un controls all government.
  • The people get to vote in a democracy so the candidates need votes, and a Federal system is good because it spreads power mostly evenly and keeps most people happy.
  • Unitary
  • Dirt Bikes are a problem for my town but not for other towns so no law will be passed
  • A Oligarchy is a government run by a few very high powered people. In certain areas this can be from presidents and prime ministers to the wealthy or religious leader.
  • Conferderate
  • My town is great, but if the country ever got into a war I dont know if we could fight it because all the states are very divided.
  • There is two types of autocracy, Dictatorship which is power taken and Monarchy which is power that the leader is born into. Autocracy is where one person or family controls virtually all government.
  • ANARCHY!!!
  • A Unitary style government has a very centralized government. This system's main flaws is that it often overlooks regional issues to focus on national issues.
  • Gives smaller governments much more power but has very few government policies. It does a good job at taking car of regional issues
  • Anarchy is a government void of a leader or ruler. This government collapses and is usually considered a failed state
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