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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Months later
  • That sounds cool you should invite all of our friends! Even Lora. Its already our semester break maybe her parents would allow her now.
  • First semester is finally over! Also, your birthday is next week what is your plan?
  • I would like to propose to my parents that I wanna have an overnight swimming on my birthday.
  • Yes of course everyone in our section would be invited and I just hope Lora for us to be complete.
  • I'm sorry to disappoint you guys but I can't come. You know my mom is pretty strict about going out.
  • I do really appreciate and wanna join you guys but I don't wanna get your hopes up and even mine.
  • I'll keep in touch this semester break please enjoy your plans for this coming weeks.
  • But still try to ask your mom who knows she might change her decision for this one.
  • You haven't even try it yet.
  • After several weeks
  • I think my latest bikini picture in my Instagram was a boom.
  • 135 Instagram Notification
  • Lora! What is the meaning of your bikini picture uploaded in your social media account? Are you insane? What did I ever did wrong to you?
  • What is the reason for you to wear bikini and party dresses inside your room? Are you trying to prove something? Is this your way to rebel against us?
  • First of all mom I was not trying to prove anything nor trying to be rebel. I am just doing thing that makes me happy and that is to dress up and take pictures. You guys kept me lock in our house and never did I complain even if it pains me seeing my friends being happy, celebrating and having fun outside. Its my way to cope.
  • I'm always lock in my room and trying to enjoy my dresses or get ups because I can't wear it outside in a proper occasion or season. All my life I was being cage by you but I did not say anything cause for you that is how you show your love for me. But sometimes I get tired mom I just wanna live my life. Happily and this is all I can do as far as I know.
  • No I should be the one to apologized. I thought I was protecting you but it looks like I overdid it. I never thought I caused you too much pain all these years. Please let me make it up to you. I will start in your passion for dress and taking pictures I would support you if that really makes you happy.
  • I'm sorry mom I shouldn't have shouted and got angry. I'm just so upset cause dressing up and taking pictures is really fun for me and it helps me to be distracted of my loneliness and boredom. It is also the way I socialize with people with the help of fashion. SO please don't ask me to stop doing it.
  • I love you too. I am lucky to have you as my daughter. Whenever you are in pain talk to me okay? If you need me I'll always be here for you.
  • I love you mom thank you for everything.