Story of Rome
Updated: 1/17/2020
Story of Rome
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Who found Rome

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  • King kicking out Niece
  • Rhea you must become a Priest
  • Rhea and Mars have Kids
  • King orders the element kill
  • I want you to through them in the water
  • Ok Sir
  • The king kicks out his family so that they can't over throw him. Which would make a new king. He even kicks out his niece and force is her to become a priest and never get married.
  • The She-Wolf
  • Rhea is brought to the temple of Mars the war god. she meets Mars and they get to know each other and have two baby twins.
  • Farm Steals Kids
  • Your mine now
  • The king hires some people to sneak in the temple and kidnap the kids and through them in the Tiber River. They did this because if element kill them the kingdom would not be in trouble with the gods.
  • Amulius Finds Them
  • A she-wolf find them and instead of eating them. It takes care of them and makes them part of her family and raises them as one of there own.
  • A farmer has been watching them and want kids for his own and so he thought he could steal them and make them his children so he snook in the cave and stole them.
  • I am part of your family
  • What
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