Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I am Shmuel.
  • I am Bruno.
  • This was the first time they met each other and also the begining of their friendship.
  • Well, I used to live with my family when I was back in Poland and...
  • How did you even get to Out-With?
  • Bruno and Shmuel started to treast each other and began sharing their lifes and the past.
  • Bruno started to worry about Shmuel as they were unable to meet each other for several weeks due to the rain.
  • How was Shmuel recently, is he okay?
  • I really wish that the two of us can play together one day.
  • and why must there be a fence in the middle that separate the two of us?!
  • Bruno felt sad because he was unable to play with Shmuel due to the existence of the fence.
  • Bruno crossed the fence and began his adventure together with Shmuel and at the same time, help his friend to find his father.
  • Thank you for all the kindness you have on me for the past one year, the food that you brought to me and most importantly, thank you for helping to find Papa.
  • This is probably the last time we meet each other in our lifes.
  • It was their last moment of seeing each other in their lifes, and their friendship had became stronger than ever!
  • Shmuel, you are my best friend for life!
  • Bruno, you are also...