The great depression
Updated: 3/12/2020
The great depression

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning Joe, another day of working huh?
  • Yup! Another long day of working on the farm. Hey Joe! how them crops coming out for you?
  • They aint doing pretty good. The soil has gotten all bad all of a sudden, like one minute they were good and green and then they are all dry.
  • Dang! im sorry to hear that Jim. I wonder what could be drying up all the crops and the soil?
  • Its a dust storm. That is what is destroying the crops and the soil!
  • It was a bright and early Wednesday morning in Northern Nebraska. Two farmers by the names of Joe and Jimmy were on their way to work until something happened to Joe that he came to tell Jim
  • FEW!!
  • Who is that!
  • Its getting closer Jim!!
  • I'm Andrew. I was walking through past your farm and i saw a huge cloud of dust, and i figured i should help out a little.
  • Joe and Jimmy headed to Jimmy's shack. When Joe told Jimmy how his farm land had mystically became dry and the crops had become spoiled, they both suddenly heard a disrupting noise outside.
  • Sure thing.
  • Who are you?
  • Hey you think you can help me get my crops back?
  • No problem, i must be going now i have to go do some more stuff down at the town.
  • When Joe and Jim arrived outside they were freaked out to find a huge dust storms that have terrorized Jimmy fields, and maybe it has been the same cause of Joe's fields to become dry.
  • OMG! Thank you so much Andrew.
  • Joe and Jimmy were in scared and didn't know what to do. Until.......
  • A man named Andrew that had came from outer state arrived to help Jim clear out his fields. But Jim asked if the mysterious man named Andrew can help him with one more thing.
  • Jim asked Andrew if he can help him bring back the crops that he lost during the dust storm. Andrew did just that, and helped Jim by bringing back his crops. And then Andrew was off again to find some more trouble in the state of Nebraska.