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Updated: 9/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Today I will be teaching you the 5 forms of utility sing books as an example.
  • Lets go!
  • Now they are all clean and nice when you get them
  • In the 1700s the pages were yellowed and looked like they were in water
  • Come in the library
  • 5 Forms of Utility for Books By: Joslynn Pope
  • The library closed in 10 minutes and will not be open tomorrow.
  • Today is Saturday, the library will not be open for anyone tomorrow.
  • Form Utility- when a business changes the form of a good or service to make it more usefulExample: Books in the 1700s
  • Okay that will be okay with me.
  • Half-Priced Books
  • $3.70 for you to sell it to us.
  • Place Utility- when products are available at convenient places Example: Library, bookstore, Walmart, Target, and many other big chain stores.
  • Buy this book it is only $3 and with a bookmark at Half-Priced Books
  • That books looks good and I know where it is and how much it is!
  • Time Utility-having a product available at a certain time of year or a convenient timeExample: Librarys are usually closed on Sunday and they close at a later time on Fridays and Saterdays.
  • Possession Utility-to exchange a product with some monetary valueExample: When you go to Half-Priced Books you give them a book and depending on how it looks you get money.
  • Information Utility- communications with the consumer about a product of serviceExample: Posters, encyclopedia, Google, and other people
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