Module 4 lesson 2
Updated: 1/31/2021
Module 4 lesson 2

Storyboard Text

  • Looks like were a group:)
  • GROUP 1: Project
  • Im amanda
  • Im Sam
  • Im Susie
  • Sam thats not fair, we all have to put in our own input its our grade too.
  • I think I should just do the project, it will make it easier.
  • Im the leader, if it doesn't turn out right Ill get in trouble.
  • Sometimes being a leader means helping us too
  • The three get into their groups and start thinking of ideas about what they want to do for their project.
  • Lets make a plan.
  • What if I fail as a leader?
  • You won't were a TEAM!
  • Amanda starts to become the leader because no one was doing much. Sam has a problem.
  • Guys you are right. I am sorry for not being a good leader.
  • Susie agrees with Amanda. Sam doesnt want it to be done poorly he wants it done his way.
  • Here is our project, I cut out the designs.
  • We designed it in a layout to where you can read all the information.
  • I designed the pictures.
  • Amanda and Susie talk to Sam about how they can all help.
  • Sam opens up his eyes and realizes being a leader is about being fair.
  • Design Layout
  • They work hard on the project, and get a 100 on it!
  • Very nice!! looks like a 100 to me!