Updated: 9/19/2021

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  • I don't comprehend..
  • ��Teacher, I can't think of any more ideas!
  • Liszt was born on the 22nd of October, 1811. He started composing when he was 8, and performed when he was 9. Noticing Liszt's talent quickly, his father let Liszt have piano lessons with Paul Czerny
  • You can do it Liszt
  • At age 12, Liszt received a kiss on the cheek as praise.
  • When Franz Liszt was 19, he was shocked by Berlioz's fantasy symphony, and then strengthened by Paganini's performance when 20. 
  • When he was 21, Liszt met Chopin in France, and they remained close friends, Chopin being one year older.
  • When Liszt heard Paganini play, he was so shocked that he knew that he wanted to be the Paganini of piano. Because of him, Liszt started to practice 10 hours a day, and made the piano versions of Paganini's pieces, the most famous being La Campanella.
  • Paganini
  • When Liszt was 22, he began his relationship with Marie D'Agoult. His relationship with her influenced him and he composed ''Years of Pilgrimage'' influenced by love. They eventually broke up after having 3 children.
  • Chopin and Liszt were contrasting musical figures. Whilst Chopin was calm and emotional, Liszt was glamorous and gifted. Although it is rumored that Chopin once got angry at Liszt for playing his Nocturne more fancifully, the two remained musically best friends. Liszt even wrote a book called Life of Chopin after Chopin died.
  • The life of ChopinBy Franz Liszt
  • It sounds so good though!
  • Here liesChopin
  • Stop making my music sound stupid!!
  • No It does NOT !!!!
  • In the end, Princess Carolyne convinced Liszt to stay with her to teach and compose. He didn't know it, but she had changed his life.
  • I don't know princess. It's just that...
  • Ok. Fine.
  • You should stop touring to compose songs and teach students.
  • It would be a big step for you but it will be a good one.