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Julia-St Patrick's story
Updated: 3/16/2020
Julia-St Patrick's story
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  • Please don't hurt me. Just leave me alone. I want my parents.
  • Listen to what we say or else!
  • Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Patrick(his real name was Maewyn Succat. He grew up in a Christian family in England. His father had actually become a deacon and his grandfather a priest and he was just a normal 16 year old boy. One day, unexpectedly he was attacked by some pirates. He was frightened and scared and did not know what to do and was forced to go with the cruel strange people.
  • From now on you will look after my sheep and obey every command that I give you.
  • He was going to have to leave his parents and he was surely going to miss them. He wondered what they would be thinking when they know that he has disappeared. The man's name who took him was Milchim.
  • He was taken in a boat to a country called Ireland. He was going to kept prisoner. Patrick was absolutely upset with how the people were treating him and how they had taken him as a slave.
  • The Lord is my Shepherd, I want to follow......
  • Patrick was taken a prisoner. He was treated unkindly and was told to obey the man's orders.He looked after sheep for hours and hours and had to eat the animal's food.After a long period of time(6 years) he heard a vision telling him to escape and go back to England so he listened to the vision and the next day he had escaped.
  • There he found out something he really wanted to do, a lifetime thing. He wanted to be a priest so he trained for many years and then after a while he got a vision again saying that he needed to go back to Ireland and so he did, He started the Catholic Religion, he started using the shamrock as a sign for the trinity, he lit a fire on Easter Sunday and said that it was the light of Jesus.
  • He went around preaching the gospel, the pagans, duids and the druid king, all of them were angry and wanted to kill him but however on the 17th of March 493 he died. People think it was because of natural causes but no one knows how. The End
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