Updated: 3/13/2020

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of mice and men

Storyboard Text

  • begging chapter 2
  • i dont have it
  • give the mouse over
  • end chapter 1
  • I like ketch up with my beans
  • well we aint got no ketch up
  • beging of chapter 2
  • why were yall late? i took my anger out on crook
  • the bus driver left us off 10 miles away
  • George is asking lennie to hand over the mouse
  • a scene from chapter 2
  • this is where lennie and George where at the begging of the book. when they where making baked beans.
  • chapter 3
  • hes only been alive for a cupple of days he needs his mom
  • this is when the boss yelled at them for being late and got yelled at.
  • chapter 3
  • this is were they meet the guy without a arm
  • lennie stole a pup
  • i aint gonna harm it
  • this is when they were killing lulu
  • hurry and shuffle the cards