storyboard ms. terzian
Updated: 3/27/2019
storyboard ms. terzian
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  • Let's do it!
  • Hey guys let's explore the deep part of the woods!
  • Look it's a fawn!
  • Ugh. They are so boring! It's not like a fawn is a magical creature. Look a house!
  • Three friends meet up together. Their names are Archie, Sabryna, and Anna. They are bored so they decide to head into the deep parts of the woods that they have never been to in order to explore and have an adventure. 
  • Sit down and be quiet!
  • As they head into the woods, they spot a fawn and stop to take a look at it. They keep their distance so they don't scare it away and take pictures. 
  • Oh no! Where did Anna go?
  • I don't know! Oh no.. let's look!
  • Anna wanders off without the others since she doesn't think the fawn is all that interesting. As she keeps wandering and explores the eerie woods, she finds a house in the middle of a clearing, but what's creepy is that it is the only house in the middle of nowhere. She decides to knock on the door and a kind-looking lady greets her and lets Anna in.
  • Thank God they're safe!
  • Turns out, the old lady is not that kind and not as old as she seems. At least her strength says otherwise. The woman takes Anna by force and locks her in a cellar.
  • Archie and Sabryna realize that Anna is missing and go to look for her. They also end up at the house and knock on the door. The same woman lets them in. Little do Archie and Sabryna know that the woman is cruel and Anna is right under them. 
  • Archie and Sabryna end up in the cellar where they are surprised and also relieved to see Anna. They are stuck in there for a couple of days until the police finally discover them. The three friends end up being saved, and the woman is arrested.
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