Joshua Ojeda - Sophia’s Evolution

Updated: 10/12/2021
Joshua Ojeda - Sophia’s Evolution

Storyboard Text

  • Nathan Hale’s Hanging
  • William’s Death
  • Sophia starts job as spy
  • Nathan Hale was a patriot spy for George Washington. He was found out by being tricked to reveal his identity. Nathan was being hung when Sophia was walking by and stopped to watch.
  • Sophia travels to West Point to stop John Andre and General Arnolds meeting
  • William is Sophia’s brother and Patriot soldier who was captured by the British. Sophia and her family had been looking for him ever since the British took over New York. He was put on a prison ship and died because of the poor conditions.
  • John Andre’s Capture
  • At Sophia’s job she met a man who was a spy for General Washington. He offered to make her a spy in an important British House. Sophia excepted and started the next day.
  • John Andre’s Trial
  • Sophia had learned that General Arnold and John Andre (both going under ailieses) planned to meet and General Arnold would give John Andre info. The information was on how too attack a vital Patriot fort. Sophia started a long hike hoping to get there before the meeting had begun and stop it.
  • After Sophia warned William’s friend about John Andre’s info they waited on the road in wait. When John Andre finally came around Sophia signaled to them. They stopped him and stripped him until they found his documents.
  • John Andre had a trial for being a spy but was going to be transferred to General Arnold who would help him. Luckily Sophia discovered the man Mr. Townsend was reporting to and told him everything. He then helped back up the statements against John Andre. While General Arnold fled to the British side.
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