Of mice and Men
Updated: 1/7/2020
Of mice and Men
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  • George gonna give me hell... i bet. i...wont tell him. ill bury him
  • Get in the tules-quick
  • I aint done nothing, george.
  • Get in the tules--damn you
  • you don't got no gun
  • in this picture, George finds Lennie after he kills Curley's wife and begins to tell him to get into the tules.George begins to tell lennie to get in the tules because carlson,slim,the boss, whit, curley are looking or him so they can shoot him to pay for his actions.
  • he musta came this way, them prints in the sand aimed this way
  • now look.we aint gonna find him stickin in a bunch
  • In this picture, George half pushes Lennie into the tules so we wont get killed by Curley, or the rest of the characters for killing curleys wife
  • im lookin george
  • its over there.you keep lookin lennie
  • In this scene, Whit tells George that he does not have a gun when he has a gun, but its carlsons gun, which he uses later to kill Lennie.
  • thats right. its gonna be nice there.aint gonna be no trouble, no fights. nobody ever nobody, or steal from em. its gonna be nice.
  • i can see it, george. i can see it! RIght over there. i can see it!
  • Carlson discovers Lennie's footprints, and slim realizes that him and the guys wont find him if they decide to stick together, so they decide to spread out.
  • George tells lennie to look around so he can see the fat of the land that they talk about, so george can finish him.
  • In this scene, George tells lennie to keep looking around as he pulls out a gun to shoot Lennie in the head
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