The EMG part 2
Updated: 1/15/2021
The EMG part 2

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part 2

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  • My grandfather Maxwell proposed that Mr. Faraday's electromagnetic induction can happen even in empty space and added principles of electromagnetism. He also concluded the speed of electromagnetic wave.
  • That's amazing!!!
  • I could really say that all of our grandfathers is amazing!!!
  • So what's next after Mr. Maxwell?
  • Yeah and because of their works and discoveries we our life in this world is more easier than before
  • So it's my turn!?, did you know that all of your grandfather discoveries and invention that you mention, became my fathers inspiration?
  • That's really surprising!!!
  • Oh, really?! So we do all have cool grandfathers!!!
  • I didn't know that we have so cool grandfathers..
  • Yeah right! we've been friends and talking about our family is rare...
  • I didn't realize that we have those kinds of grandfathers huh??
  • He also showed the electromagnetic evidence of electromagnetic waves and their link to light.
  • It was after only after Mr. Maxwell died, my grandfather Heinrich Hertz designed an experimental set-up that was electrical in nature and be able to generate and detect electromagnetic waves.
  • They think that they have a a very cool grandfathers so they wanted to be like them to.....To be continued.....
  • Wow so cool!!
  • So that's Mr. Hertz contribution...