Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Goodbye My Son...
  • I must leave Egypt I have done Something that they won't forgive me for...
  • Wow! that showed up out of nowhere! Wait what voice can I hear?
  • Moses' mother Jocheved takes a massive risk that would eventually change the course of Jewish history, she floats her son down the river because she can no longer hide him from the Egyptians.
  • Because he helped a fellow Jew, Moses is forced to flee Egypt to the distant land of Midian. At Midian, he was confronted with a choice, to be Egyptian or to be a Jew. In the end, he chose to be the religion he was born into, Jewish.
  • While Moses was herding his sheep one day, God spoke to him through a burning bush. This was when God revealed to Moses that he must free the Jews from slavery in Egypt