River of Doubt Intro
Updated: 4/8/2021
River of Doubt Intro

Storyboard Text

  • Teddy Roosevelt and the River of Doubt
  • The story of Teddy Roosevelt's adventure along an unknown and uncharted river
  • Teddy Roosevelt, one of our most famous presidents, was an adventurer. At the time of this Amazon adventure, he had recently lost his bid for presidency.
  • In order to get his mind off of the failure, he commissioned an exploration of the River of Doubt, an uncharted river that he suspected was an Amazonian tributary.
  • Along with multiple other men, including Colonel Cândido Rondon, a Brazilian explorer, naturalist George Cherrie, and Roosevelt's son Kermit, TR set off for Brazil in December 1913.
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Well, men, are you ready to explore the River of Doubt?
  • George CherrieNaturalist
  • Kermit Roosevelt
  • River of Doubt, here we come!
  • Colonel Cândido RondonBrazilian Explorer
  • Starting in the Brazilian state Mato Grosso, the group of explorers started off through the Amazon rainforest, along with camaradas, or Brazilian porters.
  • The Americans had brought an incredible amount of luggage, and even with camaradas and mules, they could not carry it all and had to abandon much of it during the first week of the expedition.