Unknown Story
Updated: 3/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Achish came to dovid and said where did you raid so dovid says I raided the south of yihoida (Isrealy city's). Dovid did not leave alive and prisiners so that there would be no proof that that's not were he actually raided so achish was so happy and said this man is discusded with his nation he will be my servent forever. This was exactly what Dovid wanted.
  • Achish gave them a place to live in tziklag so him and his family settled there. Dovid didn't want to live in the capitol so that Achish wouldn't see what he was doing. (planing to attack the other city's)
  • Dovid went and killed out the city's of amalake, gizry and gishory he also raided them of there things, and didn't leave anyone alive.