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Outsiders storyboard Part 1
Updated: 5/22/2020
Outsiders storyboard Part 1
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  • Need a Haircut Greaser?
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1
  • Hahahaha
  • and im Johnny
  • Im Ponyboy
  • Chapter 2
  • Im Cherry
  • And im Marcia
  • Im running away!
  • Ponyboy! I didn't mean to!
  • Chapter 3
  • In the first Chapter, Ponyboy (the Protagonist) walks down the road after getting done with a movie. Then a red car follows him down the road, soon later the Socs (Socials) jump out of the car and try to mug ponyboy.
  • HELP! He's gonna DROWN ME!
  • Chapter 4
  • Why did you hang out with our girls
  • In Chapter two, Ponyboy and his friends head to a Drive in Movie theatre and meet two girls. One was Cherry and the other was Marcia.
  • Oh no Johnny...
  • At the end of the third Chapter, Ponyboy and his oldest brother Darrel or normally known as "Darry" get into a fight which ended with Ponyboy running away with Johnny.
  • Noooo Johnny, I don't like my look now!
  • Chapter 5
  • At the beginning of Chapter four, Johnny and Ponyboy head to the park... But so did Bob's Soc Gang. They started to attack Ponyboy by grabbing him and trying to drown him in the fountain. While Johnny...
  • killed Bob with his big switchblade. When Pony and Johnny left, they ran to Dally, who was at a Party with his work crew. Dally gave them supplies and told them to run to the abandoned church out of town.
  • Once they made it to the Church, Johnny bought some bleach so that way Pony and him could change their looks. Later in the chapter, Dally comes to visit and brings Pony a note from Sodapop and also learn of a rumble gonna start soon
  • Ha Ponyboy I don't even recognize you after that!
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