The Outsiders Part 2
Updated: 5/22/2020
The Outsiders Part 2
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  • Chapter 6
  • Theres children in the church!
  • Ponyboy WAIT!!!
  • Chapter 9
  • Help! Im getting hurt over here
  • *kicks*
  • Im gonna beat you up!
  • Johnny...please dont die...
  • When Darry was with them, they went to a Dairy Queen nearby. When they finished and were driving back, they saw a fire at the church. The people there said that there were children in the church and then Pony went in to save them...and Johnny got really hurt
  • Chapter 10
  • The boys had went to the hospital after saving the kids, Dally and Pony were fine but Johnny was in critical condition. A few nights later Pony and the other Greasers went to the rumble and the Socs Lost. Dally and Pony went to the Hospital after...
  • Ponyboy! Your awake!
  • When Dally and Pony got to the hospital, Johnny was Dying from his injuries. Johnny had said "Stay Gold Ponyboy" and he died. Dally ran out of the room and went to rob a store to get the cops after him
  • Chapter 12
  • Hey Ponyboy!
  • Before Dally went to the park, he had called up the Greasers to meet him there. When the Greasers had arrived the cops had shot and killed Dally. A moment later Ponyboy passed out
  • When Ponyboy woke up he realized he was in bed and everyone was there. The doctor had told them that he had a slight concussion and that he needed rest. Once he was healed enough to leave the hosptital, he returned to normal life.
  • When he returned to school, he was failing classes and forgetting things easily due to his concussion. But he never really returned to normal life, some friends were dead and he had a brain problem.
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