Unit 2 The odyssey Tiered task
Updated: 3/22/2020
Unit 2 The odyssey Tiered task

Storyboard Text

  • It all started in Ithaca
  • My name is Odysseus and I am the king of Ithaca.
  • Heading out for the Trojan War
  • Odysseus, please be safe. Promise me you will return?
  • We are going to win this war, once and for all. I promise you my sweet Penelope, I will return back.
  • A Victory in the war and it's time to sail home.
  • To Odysseus, and our victory he has lead us to!
  • VICTORY !!
  • It all started back in Ithaca when the king, Odysseus, lived happily with his wife and new born son.
  • Stuck on an island where there are Cyclops
  • What are gonna do Odysseus ?
  • Odysseus sails to the Trojan war to fight.
  • Odysseus and his mean gets sealed into the cyclops cave
  • Odysseus and his men won the war and are now sailing home, or at they think. their heading back home...
  • The cyclops eats Odysseus men
  • Odysseus has been stuck on Calypso's island for 7 years, and wishes to be home in Ithaca with Penelope and his son.
  • I DONT KNOW, okay I just wanna go back home to my family
  • Odysseus's men have been captured into this deep dark cave where there are humongous creatures called Cyclops.
  • GRRRRR !!