Science Laws
Updated: 3/12/2020
Science Laws

Storyboard Text

  • Class, today we will be learning about Newton's Three Laws of Motion. I need two volunteers.
  • I will!
  • Last but not least is Newton's 3rd Law!
  • Once Susan kicks the soccer ball it will keep moving to the direction in front of her until Jake changes it with an unbalanced force. Otherwise known as his foot.
  • A toy plane is the perfect example for the 3rd Law.
  • When I kick the soccer ball, it will change direction. This is all an example of Inertia. Right Ms. Solsten?
  • Now, let's see an example of Newton's 2nd Law!
  • Since the ball has a high mass...
  • Newton's Second Law!
  • (British accent)Correct!
  • The acceleration will go down and the amount of force needed up.
  • The formula is F=ma.
  • At first normal force pushes up and gravity pushes down. This makes the plane stay in the air.
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • However, sooner or later gravity will overrule normal force, sending the plane to the ground.
  • Great Job!
  • The formula for Newton's 2nd Law is F=ma.
  • So what did we learn?
  • Newton's 1st Law known as, Inertia, is an object's resistance to move until contact with an unbalanced force.
  • Newton's 3rd Law starts out with two equal forces, but in the end one overrules the other.