Doreen Chiew

Updated: 5/12/2020
Doreen Chiew

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  • In sarawak, a lot of parties opposed the proposalbecause they cannot see the economicbenefits.
  • Ooo..really
  • For sabah, Party like UNKO and Pasok Momogun also go against the formation of Malaysia strongly. The only party accepted the proposal is USNO. However after a lot of explanation many people accept the proposal.
  • wow... so complicated's history...
  • Beside that, Most of the Bruneians and also theSultan actually agree with theproposal. Defiance came in the form of Bruneis. People Party by A.M. Azahari who wanted to combine Brunei with Sabah and Sarawak only.
  • ok, then?
  • For singapore,PAP and Lee Kuan Yew agrees with the formation because they wanted political stability in Singapore.
  • the story really interesting
  • Following by that, i will talk to the Formation process of Malaysia
  • 1)Malaysia SolidarityConsultative Committee(JPPM)2)Cobbold commission3)Inter governmentCommittee (JAK)4)Singapore referendum
  • teacher, it is really complicated but interesting. I like it very much.
  • This is all about the history today. I know it got a little bit complicated, so you spend more time to know more about it.