Macbeth summative
Updated: 5/9/2020
Macbeth summative

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  • Macbeth's guilty conscious began getting to him as he starts hallucinating Duncan's ghost, making himself more worried. He begins to lose himself and talking nonsense, "But now I am cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in/To saucy doubts and fears"(3.4.24-25). As play progresses, Macbeth can be perceived as naive for falling into the pressure of becoming king, although it goes against his morals.
  • Once again, Macbeth is easily pulled into the trap of the three withes as they tell him he cannot be stopped by anyone born from a woman. By chanting, "Double, double toil and trouble;/Fire burn, and cauldron bubble"(4.1.35-36). By casting this spell, the witches hold Macbeth in a trap where he is easily manipulated and he can no longer be in control of his actions, making Macbeth fall victim to the witches.
  • As the play comes to an end, Macbeth comes to the realization that he was tricked as he shouts, "That palter with us in a double sense,/That keep the word of promise to our ear/And break it to our hope" (5.8.20-22). The point of realization made him see that what he's done, was because he was guillable, seen when his conscious punished him from doing wrong.