The Masque of the Red Death
Updated: 9/9/2020
The Masque of the Red Death

Storyboard Text

  • Tile One
  • The Red Death doesn't exist here for my fellow aristocrats!
  • Tile Two
  • Tile Three
  • Prince Prospero invites one thousand of his "light-hearted friends" from the aristocracy to seclude from the population filled with the disease.
  • Tile Four
  • Who dares? Seize and unmask him!
  • A masquerade ball was held to entertain his friends, marked by "the most unusual magnificence".
  • Tile Five
  • The seventh room that symbolized the Red Death, which enclosed the clock that struck so loudly it distracted everyone.
  • Tile Six
  • Ghoulishly dressed, a stranger resembling the Red Death approaches. The Prince is vehemently offended by this.
  • The partygoers are far too frightened, and the stranger makes it to the seventh room. Prospero attempts to confront him but dies.
  • As Prospero's guests fail to subjugate the stranger, they all die as no one is underneath the cloak. The Red Death had successfully infiltrated and prevailed.