french revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
french revolution
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • we need to discus the financial crisis
  • i think the king should spend less money
  • Tennis Coart Oath
  • we have to stick together
  • this is outrageous
  • we will attack
  • storming of the Bastille
  • give us weapons
  • This meeting was called by the king to try to figure out the financial crisis in France. the three estates were to vote by order. the king said no to everybodys ideas and decided to make no changes and keep things the way they are. This angered the 3rd estate but the first and second estate was fine with it.
  • The march on Versaillies
  • After the meeting the thrird estate still wasnt happy so they tried getting back in the meeting room but it was locked, they found the tenis court and locked themselves in there. The National AssemblyPleged that they would stick together until the constitution was writen in 1791
  • The Reign of Terror
  • On july 14, 1789 the former third estate marched to the previously know prison which was now the bastile and demaned weapons.they were preparing for a revolution. they were worried that the nobles was attacking peopel and hording food. The bastile wouldnt let them in so people stormed the bastile.
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • you are such a great leader
  • I love power!!
  • women were having a very difficult time feeding their children and got so angry that they gathered and marches to Versailles to the king and queen to demand bread. they bore weapons and were ready to do whatever they needed. the king and queen promised to live in pairs with the people.
  • i'm so angry
  • we want bread
  • The reign of terror was a time in France where there was no monarch and no democracy but a time when 12 men ruled as a republic and Robespierre was their leader. He killed (by Guillotine) thousands of former third estate citizens that he believed went against the French Revolution.
  • traitor!!!
  • BOO!!!
  • After the reign of terror, a young military leader took over and became emperor. he had a lot of military success and the people loved the way he governed. He had a few reforms and he embraces the revolution and freedom of religion and did many things that he liked from the people.
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