Calvin coolidge
Updated: 1/22/2021
Calvin coolidge

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  • Calvin Coolidge Introduction
  • Calvin Coolidge Parents
  • My name is Calvin Coolidge I was born in Plymouth, Vermont on a family farm in July 4 1872. I became a vice president in 1925 to 1929 and was chosen to be President Warren hardings running mate.
  • The Presidency
  • My parents were Victoria Josephine and his dad was John Calvin. I also had a sister named Abigail Grace Coolidge. He was married to Grace Ann Goodhue His sons were Calvin Coolidge Jr and John Coolidge.
  • I went to Amherst college and became a lawyer.
  • I did one and a half terms, I was a part of the Republican Party. My vice president was Charles Gates Dawes. I ran for President because I liked Presidential things so I thought running for President was my kind of job. I also was known for my quiet demeanor,which earned me the nickname ¨Silent Cal¨.
  • After becoming President, I started on the policy of minimum government interference in domestic affairs. I liked a lot of business leaders and felt that because ¨America is business¨. I supported the revenue Acts of 1924 and 1926 which gave tax relief to the rich, and zoo corporations were in charge of 50% of the nation's wealth. My thoughts mirrored that of the business and corporate community and thought the stock market reached great heights and the economy made a lot of money.
  • My residence was at Northampton.The Presidential Library and Museum It collects,preserves and makes available for research materials documenting the public and private life of me(1872-1933). I died in 1933 by coronary thrombosis. But although the public liked and admired me during my tenure, Stores and businesses went down because of me.
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