Gtting even
Updated: 2/14/2020
Gtting even
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  • exposition
  • How...How dare you knock on my door. A-accusing me of killing your grandfather
  • Ahh...He has a knife a BIG KNIFE!!
  • ''Yes, ma'am, but-"
  • "I told you what I wanted to do." "didn't he get shot?''
  • ''Then shut it down today. Dont sass me."
  • "We're closed Kareem for GOOD!"
  • "But what about all this candy and the pickle eggs"
  • A young boy is running from a guy named Marvin (who has a knife) after asking if he killed his grandfather.
  • "I know who shot your grandfather his name is Pokei"
  • "You don't know that"
  • He gets away and finally makes it to his grandparents house where he gets in an argument with his grandma about keeping there candy store running where his grandpa was shot at.
  • "I have something to show you and it kills"
  • "I ain't scared of nobody..nothing so when i'm your age and somebody mess with me they gone"
  • Since his grandpa died, the boy has been trying to find the killer but nobody is talking.
  • "Thank, his mother been sayin' we need to get him some help. guess we better"
  • Later that night, Kareem Who is nine years old comes by to talk to the boy and a seven year old boy named Llee also arrives. the three talk about the store and the shooting.
  • "Maybe he ain't do it. but I bet he knows who did"
  • Later on when the boy is walking down the street, Kareem runs up to him and hands him a paper bag with a gun inside, which he took without his father knowing.
  • Even though The boy wants to kill whoever shot his grandfather, he tells Kareem's dad about the gun and he takes it back.
  • "I want do it no more...."Snitch"
  • ''Kareem gave me this"
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