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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Tonight it's tonight's event.
  • tonight is the night
  • what
  • three strikes your out
  • Turner gets locked in the cupola
  • Reverend Buckminster gets pushed off the cliff
  • no!
  • They're going out of church. The reverend talks to Deacon about Wednesday and finds out that Deacon did not invite him for Wednesday night's meeting. Then when willes tells turner that something was going to happen tonight.
  • Turner hears something when he plays the organ. So he stops playing and investigates where the noise came from. Turner goes to the cupola then the door shuts, after that he hears three strikes your out.
  • pushed off the cliff. After Turner gets out to cupola he goes to the cliffs. He's there by himself until the sheriff shoots his shotgun near Turner. Turner and the sheriff are fighting until Turner dad gets them off each other, the dad and the sheriff fight and the dad gets pushed off the cliff.