Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • ouch!!
  • Scene 2
  • I can't sleep . it hurts 
  • Scene 3
  • mom, my tooth hurts. I can't take this anymore. I want to get this of.
  • okay then, let's go to the dentist.
  • In the day morning, Ally was so busy with her online class while eating too many sweets. After an hour ago, she felt dental pain.
  • Scene 4
  • That's okay darling, you will be alright.
  • In the night time, Ally keeps crying because she can't sleep because of her toothache struggles her to sleep.
  • Scene 5
  • Good day! what's the problem?
  • My daughter has a toothache.
  • The next day morning, Ally goes to her mom and tells her that she can't  handle anymore her toothache and she want to get of the decayed tooth.
  • Scene 6
  • I'm going to wait you in the loby.
  • Don't you worry, I will help you to get better.
  • They are waiting for the taxi to go to the dentist.
  • They already arrived at the dental clinic for the check-up and wait for the advice of the dentist.
  • The dentist examined ally's teeth and found a decayed and she has sensitive teeth.
  • I hope I will feel better.