Lamb to the Slaughter by Lilly Denby

Updated: 5/12/2020
Lamb to the Slaughter by  Lilly Denby

Storyboard Text

  • Mary goes to the grocery shop to establish an alibi for the death of her husband. She buys some groceries and goes home.
  • “Hello Sam,”
  • Mary calls the Police briefly telling them a story about going out to the grocer and coming back to find him on the floor.
  • One by one the others came in and were persuaded to take a little nip of whiskey. They stood around rather awkwardly with the drinks in their hands, uncomfortable in her presence, trying to say consoling things to her. Sergeant Noonan wandered into the kitchen, come out quickly and said, “Look, Mrs. Maloney. You know that oven of yours is still on, and the meat still inside.”“Oh dear me!” she cried. “So it is!”
  • “Well,” she said. “Here you all are, and good friends of dear Patrick’s too, and helping to catch the man who killed him. You must be terrible hungry by now because it’s long past your suppertime, and I know Patrick would never forgive me, God bless his soul, if I allowed you to remain in his house without offering you decent hospitality. Why don’t you eat up that lamb that’s in the oven? It’ll be cooked just right by now.”
  • “There was a good deal of hesitating among the four policemen, but they were clearly hungry, and in the end they were persuaded to go into the kitchen and help themselves. The woman stayed where she was, listening to them speaking among themselves, their voices thick and sloppy because their mouths were full of meat.
  • Please,” she begged. “Please eat it. Personally I couldn’t touch a thing, certainly not what’s been in the house when he was here. But it’s all right for you. It’d be a favor to me if you’d eat it up.Then you can go on with your work again afterwards.”
  • “Have some more, Charlie?” “No. Better not finish it.” “She wants us to finish it. She said so. Be doing her a favor.” “Okay then. Give me some more.” “That’s a hell of a big club the guy must’ve used to hit poor Patrick,” one of them was saying. “The doc says his skull was smashed all to pieces just like from a sledgehammer.” “That’s why it ought to be easy to find.” “Exactly what I say.” “Whoever done it, they’re not going to be carrying a thing like that around with them longer than they need.” One of them belched. “Personally, I think it’s right here on the premises.” “Probably right under our very noses. What you think, Jack?” And in the other room,
  • Mary Maloney began to giggle.
  • Hee hee hee
  • The End